Friday, January 1, 2010

Snippely - A tool to help organize your code snippets

I found out about Snippely when somebody tweeted about it recently.

Snippely is a nifty Adobe AIR-based tool to help you organize your code snippets. Often, when browsing the net, I will come across interesting snippets that I would copy and paste into a new text file (or append to existing one) on my desktop. As you can imagine, over time, my desktop would be so full of these snippets until I would have to search really really hard to find a piece of code (I know it's there somewhere). Sure, some of you will say why not use Google desktop search. Problem is, the nature of search requires you to know what you're searching for and most of the time (and especially during pressing time), I would have to spend significant minutes just to come up with the proper search keyword.

That's why I think Snippely is such a gem. Snippely allows me to add and group my snippets quickly. The interface is easy to use, and the inline editor has syntax highlighting for Javascript, php and a few others. It doesn't have search capability though, and that's something I wish would be addressed in the future.

Check out my snippet folder before Snippely (what a mess!):

With Snippely:

Download Snippely at

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