Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The pesky anti virus

Recently I installed Panda anti virus to replace the often obtrusive Avira. Panda anti virus supposedly is among one of the world's first cloud-based anti virus, which means it theoretically should have smaller footprint and faster scanning due to its ability to harness vast amount of computing power available in the cloud. The caveat is of course you need to be connected to the Internet.

I've been reasonably happy with it up until today when I tried to fire up JBoss on my machine. Lo and behold, it took forever for the app deployment to take place. For the life of me, I couldn't figure out why until I viewed the running processes in Windows task manager. Instead of the JVM as one would naturally expect, Panda anti virus was the one consuming most of the CPU and the usage hovered between 25-50%. That's pretty hefty if you ask me.

My hunch told me to disable the anti virus and I was right. As soon as Panda was disabled, the start-up time for my Jboss instance went back to normal.

What was Panda doing? My guess would be because the app was actually an ear file i.e. packaged into zip format, Panda would relentlessly scan each and every file in it resulting in enormous wait before the deployment can continue.

I'm sure there is a way to configure Panda to ignore all ear files and I will definitely find it out later. Not now. For now, disabling Panda (at least when I'm working on the app) is my way forward.

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